Saturday, 25 January 2020

Leadership Articles

Leadership Icon Leadership – Our mission readiness and success depend on leadership development across all domains, including knowledge management, professional development, training, planning and resourcing, and inspections


The Captain’s Choice

3 faces (frowning, neutral, and smiling) with check boxes next to them. Checkmark next to the smiling face.

By Lt Col Matthew Dunham. A leadership lesson in attitude. You can’t always control what happens around you, or even to you, but in every situation you always have a choice to make.

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@wingsja get to know @wingpublicaffairs before it happens #crisis

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By Col Jeffrey Palomino and MSgt Todd Wivell. There is no such thing as a local story. In a day and age where 72% of Americans get news on their mobile device, everything has the ability to be newsworthy everywhere all the time…. “Our success as an Air Force will, in part, be dependent on how well we communicate…

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