Saturday, 25 January 2020

Operations and International Law Articles

  • We Better Get Ready: The Legal Landscape and Challenges of Unmanned Aerial Systems

  • GTMOCOM: The Time Has Come to Transfer JTF-GTMO’s Mission to A New, More Permanent Joint Subunified Command

  • Enhancing Multi-Domain Command and Control: Attorneys and Paralegals Join the Fight in Exercise BLUE FLAG

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Playing the MIDFIELD

Individual pointing to screen graphics and highlighting LAW. Graphic illustration. Photo background ©

By Col Jeremy Weber. Law plays a central role in national power, and pretty much every other area of life. It is time we recognize a legal instrument of power to better incorporate the legal domain into our strategic planning.

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Autonomous Weapons Need Autonomous Lawyers

Concept illustration of a robot holding legal scales

By Col Walter “Frank” Coppersmith. Timely adoption of AI inside today’s U.S. Air Force legal practice will be essential for attorneys trying to keep pace with clients and organizations now operating at Internet speed and cloud computing scale.

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Anticipatory Self-Defense

By Maj Megan Mallone and Capt Christine Seibert. Anticipatory self-defense has been recognized by the international community after it was first articulated in 1837 in the Caroline case. There are two types of anticipatory attacks in self-defense: pre-emptive and preventive. The distinction is nuanced and often misunderstood...

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