Saturday, 4 April 2020

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The AFJAGS Podcast modernizes how we deliver content to the JAG Corps and beyond through the speed of relevance. Through the podcast, we interview leaders, innovators, and influencers on the law, leadership, and best practices of the day.

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AFJAGS Podcast, Episode 8 with Captain Thomas Govan

AFJAGS Podcast, Episode 8

Episode 8: Part two of a 2-part interview with Captain Thomas Govan. In Part 2, we dive into Captain Govan's experience in oral argument before the U.S. Supreme Court and some of his main takeaways.

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AFJAGS Podcast, Episode 7 with Captain Thomas Govan

AFJAGS Podcast, Episode 7

Episode 7: Part one of a 2-part interview with Captain Thomas Govan on his experience in successfully arguing before the U.S. Supreme Court. In this first part, we discuss an overview of the case, how Captain Govan became involved and selected to present oral argument, and the preparation he took leading up to the day of oral argument.

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AFJAGS Podcast, Episode 6 with Colonel Jeremy Weber

AFJAGS Podcast, Episode 6

Episode 6: Interview with Colonel Jeremy Weber on “Law as an Instrument of National Power” where we tackle the connection between the strategic and tactical levels on this topic. We also discuss the 2020 National Security Law writing competition including eligibility, its new and shorter format, expanded cash prizes, and some tips on topic selection and writing.

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AFJAGS Podcast, Episode 4: Interview with Colonel Frank Coppersmith

AFJAGS Podcast, Episode 4

Episode 4: Part one of a two-part interview with Colonel Frank Coppersmith. This first episode focuses on Artificial Intelligence at-large including what some of the leading minds think about AI.

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